Urban Parket is a family-run timber flooring supplier based in Almaty, close to our own office. When they approached us, they had just acquired a new showroom space which needed to accommodate several uses – display, sales and administration. We noticed that they guided their customers on a distinct journey when they came into the shop, allowing them to browse the products informally, before moving into a more private meeting room to discuss their needs in detail – this narrative gave us the concept for the design. We created a series of ‘floating carpets’ for the ground-floor showroom which can be infilled with different samples. The products can be viewed from above, visually isolated as islands within a black marble matrix, and can be curated to reinforce the customer ‘tour’. A double-height meeting room sits deep inside the volume of the store, with administration located on a new mezzanine above the showroom.


The completed showroom


Under Construction


The design was developed using a detailed 3D model to maximise the potential of the available space and daylight


The concept imagined a narrative through the space linked be a series of ‘floating carpets’