The brief required us to create a larger kitchen dining area by extending to the South boundary and a new suite of rooms by extending North. The spaces are all unified by a series of curved ceiling vaults that are reflected in the fenestration. This mechanism enabled us to increase the ceiling height in the dining area without a step, but also subtly define the use of the internal spaces.


For the extensions we used a dark brick to differentiate the new additions from the existing building, using an exposed light-coloured brick to define the internal spaces.  The glazing has been positioned to respond to not only the rhythm of the existing facade but also the internal functions of the corresponding internal rooms. Instead of extensive glazing, each window or door works harmoniously between inside or out, be it the door from the kitchen or the window seat in the dining room.


We collaborated with the client (a product designer) on the design on the joinery.


The resulting extension is a delicate stitching of old with new. Whilst the form and rhythm of the existing windows repeating in the new rear facade helps create a feeling of continuity, the choice of bricks defines and celebrates the extension. The arched windows continue through to the interior ceiling, a simple mechanism that captures light and depth.

Bedford Road Rear 1
Bedford Road Rear 2
Bedford Road Kitchen 1
Bedford Road Kitchen 2

A calm interior palette was created with light coloured brick, crisp white tiles and white oiled oak joinery. Working with the client, who is a product designer, a family of bespoke joinery details unified the interiors. A subtle nod to the arched ceiling detail can be seen not only in the joinery cut outs but the gentle curve to the kitchen island unit.

Bedford Road Joinery 1
Bedford Road Joinery 2
Bedford Road Bathroom 1
Bedford Road Bathroom 2
Bedford Road Bathroom 3
Bedford Road Dining
Bedford Road Kitchen 3

Through a series of workshops we sketched through ideas for the facade and interiors. Using a mix of mediums: sketching, models and collage, we were able to create a unique approach to the typical London side return.

Bedford Road Interior sketches
Bedford Road External Sketches
Bedford Road Model Making
Bedford Road Model rear
Bedford Road Model internal
Bedford Road Model Internal 2
Bedford Road Model Internal 4
Bedford Road Model Internal 5
Bedford Road Model Internal 6
Bedford Road Model Internal 7
Bedford Road Rear Sketches

The initial concept was to create a new version of the Victorian terraced house, a home more suited to a modern family lifestyle.

Bedford Road Concept Sketch